Trent Dykes

I am a corporate and securities attorney based in Helsinki.

My practice focuses on mergers and acquisitions, including venture capital and private equity transactions, corporate governance and compliance issues as well as capital markets transactions. Quite a range? Indeed, but that's why I enjoy my work. Working with different kinds of companies − from startups to large public companies − is very challenging yet rewarding. Working with versatile clients enriches my knowledge and understanding of various aspects of business. In my opinion, it is important that a lawyer also understand issues other than risks. It is great to learn about new innovations and working methods of startups and see them grow. It is also interesting to learn about streamlined businesses and processes of mature companies.

I enjoy helping clients navigate the complexities of getting a deal done and solving issues along the way. One day I hope to be the legal adviser to a company whose path I have followed from the very beginning through various investment rounds up to an IPO. I am a strong believer in development and the future and want to help companies achieve their goals.

Outside of work, I have a passion for martial arts and outdoor activities with an extreme angle, such as mountaineering and back-country skiing. I enjoy taking long hikes with my dogs or taking them to paddle or ski with me. In the summer time, I try to grow giant pumpkins – I have not yet succeeded but will keep trying!