Trent Dykes

For the last two decades I have worked with the leading providers of debt solutions to technology and life science companies and have done over 2,000 venture financings across the globe.  Whether I represent a bank, fund or high-net-worth individual, my team and I strive to make the process smooth, easy and as fun as possible.  We try to demystify the world of venture lending for lender clients, the companies that borrow from them and the funds that support the tech ecosystem.

Why startups? The best part of my job is seeing the companies we helped fund early on become wildly successful and deploy life-changing technologies and drugs that raise the bar for the human experience.

Passions: Wine, music, sports, my wife and four-year-old son

What my clients value: Efficiency, responsiveness and knowledge of the market.

Some of my clients: Silicon Valley Bank, Comerica Bank, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Western Alliance Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, East West Bank, Pacific Western Bank, SQN Venture Partners, Union Bay Capital Partners

I root for: The New York Yankees, San Diego Padres, New York Giants, New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors, New York Rangers

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