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Joel Cox

Partner, Melbourne

joel.cox@dlapiper.comT +61 435 595 470

I am a corporate attorney who acts for tech and fast-growth companies of all sizes throughout the Asia Pacific region and for investors in them. My clients include many of the fastest growing startups in Asia Pacific, as well as Australian, Asian, US and European venture capital funds, ASX listed tech companies and Australian and international listed banks, airlines and insurance companies undertaking corporate venture capital.

I love working with entrepreneurs and assisting them in developing and implementing key growth strategies for their business across the startup lifecycle. I usually get involved early when an entrepreneur wants to raise capital. I work to help entrepreneurs build their capital-raising and growth strategies, to find VC funds to invest in them and then to help execute on the growth strategy post investment. I really enjoy seeing the different paths that clients follow, and it is great to help with both the difficult challenges and the exciting milestones in the journey of a startup.

I grew up in Australia and first started practicing here. I also spent three years practicing as an attorney in Europe.

Outside of work, I love to jog, hike, cook good food (including currently trying to refine my bread baking abilities!), to travel and to spend quality time with my wife and young son.

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