Trent Dykes

I consider myself extremely lucky to be a technology lawyer who gets to work with entrepreneurs, growing businesses, and established companies; I learn something new every day.  These folks are trying to solve some of the toughest problems or make an impact on their industry or society, and I always appreciate their passion and energy as they navigate the path through growth to success.

While my clients often are Internet-focused and consumer-facing companies like video game studios, social media and online dating sites, and business-to-business SaaS providers, one of the best things about working in the Vancouver startup space is how much it crosses many industries.  And working at DLA Piper means I can scale with my clients as they grow, offering them a team across the globe that can help them capitalize on any opportunity.

I am a proud Adjunct Professor for the pro-bono Business Law Clinic at the law school at the University of British Columbia, a board member at the Canadian Internet Registry Authority (managing the .ca domain for all Canadians), a board member at the Video Game Bar Association (a fantastic networking organization for interactive entertainment lawyers), and a board member at the Vancouver Fireworks Festival Society (which holds on the world’s largest offshore fireworks competition).

I’m a former Internet and software developer, so it might not surprise anyone that in my spare time I’m nerding out on movies, video games, Dungeons and Dragons and technology tinkering. I live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet with my wife Yolanda, our cat Kitty, and my 48TB Steam-streaming media server Gandalf, so I also do try to get a out a little bit to our mountains or seawall.  When safe to do so, I also lose at twenty-one or pickup basketball games against my twin brother.