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Jonathan Axelrad

Partner, San Francisco

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I'm originally from Canada, eh? My dad was a British immuno-pathologist and my Mom a lawyer from the – US  ̶  so, for them, Canada was splitting the difference. As an adult, though, I chose the US because it felt like the place where I could make the biggest difference, first in Washington, DC, working on global warming issues, then on Capitol Hill, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Overseas Private Investment corporation, all prior to becoming a lawyer.

As a corporate lawyer, it quickly became clear to me that that I enjoyed with emerging growth companies. As part of the leadership team at DLA Piper focusing on this sector, living in the most dynamic startup city in the world, I take great satisfaction in counselling investors and founders through venture financings, acquisitions and corporate governance issues.

Why startups? At no other stage in a company's life cycle can a corporate lawyer better apply his or her skills to help create meaningful value and growth, both from a business and legal perspective. In the legal world, it's the best place to practice and, frankly, it's just more fun.

Favorite reads: I love podcasts and audio books. Most recently, I loved listening to Bruce Springsteen's autobiography Born to Run and Ashlee Vance's biography of Elon Musk. You also can't go wrong with anything by Kurt Vonnegut or Douglas Adams.

Why a global firm? DLA Piper's roots in Silicon Valley are deep (it was one of the original three firms in the Valley), but what it has that the others don't is a truly global footprint. That footprint matches my clients' aspirations and my outlook.

My passions: Exploring the natural beauty of California. Be it rafting its rivers (I used to be a certified guide in British Columbia), hiking its mountains or kayaking its coasts, rivers and bays, I love my adopted state. I also enjoy throwing dinner parties and  getting involved with various nonprofits and political groups working to improve my community and the global community.

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