The company

Pluto VR, co-founded by serial entrepreneurs and experienced technologists, is working to incorporate virtual reality and augmented reality into the way we communicate with each other.

The solution

Pluto VR is working to build a communication application that allows people to communicate amongst themselves in virtual and augmented reality. Pluto VR's goal is to help humanity transcend physical location.

Co-founder John Vechey describes Pluto VR's mission this way: "While digital technologies today allow us to connect instantly from anywhere in the world with text, voice or video, they aren't necessarily bringing us closer together. With Pluto, you'll be able to connect with anyone anywhere, as if you were together in person."

How they work with DLA Piper

DLA Piper has seen Pluto VR from conception to its present state today. Team DLA Piper Seattle first assisted John Vechey with the representation and ultimate sale of his prior company, PopCap Games, to Electronic Arts. When the co-founders were ready to start PlutoVR the same team, the same team in Seattle helped with Pluto VR's formation and venture financing, and continues to assist the company with its day-to-day general corporate, employment and equity compensation needs.