The company

DrBeen, based in Cupertino, is an online medical education provider that offers hundreds of online lectures from certified professionals in the industry to provide medical professionals their continued medical education credits along with helping them keep up to date with the latest medical breakthroughs.

The product

DrBeen focuses on creating an online lecture marketplace where medical professionals of all disciplines can pick and choose the videos most conducive to their practice, and where they are provided continuing medical education credits as required by their respective licensers. The website includes detailed graphs, videos and one-pagers that discuss topics ranging from the anatomy of a kidney to how to perform a certain gastric surgery procedure.

How they work with DLA Piper

DrBeen has retained DLA Piper to work as its General Counsel, along with providing the legal services the company needs as it grows. To date, DLA Piper has helped DrBeen in organizing the company, getting private funding, protecting intellectual property and assisting on employment matters as the team onboards more and more medical and technology professionals.