Trent Dykes

Why startups: I joined DLA Piper's emerging companies platform in Austin because I want to participate in the creation and nurturing of new ideas. I am a dreamer at heart, and being a great lawyer for entrepreneurs and investors is just a means toward that end. Joining Austin’s dynamic startup ecosystem is a dream come true.

Favorite reads: From Zero to One (a fantastic self-help book for startups); The Neapolitan Novels (simply the best novel I have ever read, now on HBO!); and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) model legal documents (…and all of the footnotes).

Why a global firm: having grown up in Asia, Europe, and the US, I find it incredibly appealing to be able to connect with colleagues in virtually every jurisdiction on Earth. I also enjoy daydreaming about visiting all of DLA Piper's offices in so many beautiful cities all over the world.

My passions: Bringing some kindness and humor to a cutthroat world. Building precise, accurate liquidation models in Excel.

What my clients value: the reassurance that someone is constantly thinking about their problems and has their back.