Trent Dykes

I am a lawyer, but that's not how I think of myself. I help startups grow up. I have been fortunate to practice law in a vibrant city with great entrepreneurs for more than 15 years. I myself grew up in Austin, and it has been amazing to watch the city develop into a technology center. Every day, new business are created, and I have been privileged to have an opportunity to advise entrepreneurs as they embark on new adventures. I represent technology companies throughout their life cycle, from idea to public company. I use my legal skills and experience to help our clients address business challenges.

Why startups? Our clients are amazing – and that makes doing what we do enjoyable. While our clients often grow up into public companies and become more corporate, they start out very personal. When I work with a client, we aren't working on their business, we are working on their passion, their purpose, their legacy. Our start-up clients pour themselves into their businesses, and we do the same in trying to provide the best service we can, because we understand it's not just business, it's personal.

Favorite reads: I am an avid reader of The Economist, supplemented with online content from a number of business and tech websites.

Garage to global: When people ask me about DLA Piper, I tell them that we operate our own startup on a global platform. We have a very entrepreneurial culture, both within our Austin office as well as within our network of tech-focused offices across the country and beyond. Many of our clients have international needs prior to product launch, and we are able to serve those needs while maintaining the entrepreneurial approach that our clients expect.

Passions – When I am not working with startups, I spend my time with my wife and three kids, as well as running, fly fishing and wakeboarding.