Trent Dykes

I am a New York-based tax attorney whose current practice involves the tax aspects of M&A, securities offerings and investment funds.

After having lived in various parts of the country – Northern California, the Midwest, Upstate New York – I chose New York City as my ultimate destination, the place where I will establish my career and home. Tax law is my first and only career in my life, and I am enjoying every moment of learning and exploring this wonderfully sophisticated field.

Because I have determined to establish myself in NYC, my overall career plan is to shape my skillset, mindset and professional connections so that they are uniquely adapted to the New York market. In furtherance of that plan, one of my short-term goals is to increase my proficiency with taxation of financial instruments.

When the weather is nice, I enjoy walking around my favorite parks and neighborhoods and exploring restaurants in New York City. When the weather is not nice, I stay home to watch reality TV shows (please do not judge me) while enjoying wine and cheese.