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Michael Rebholz

Senior Associate, Munich

michael.rebholz@dlapiper.comT +49 89 23 23 72 252F +49 89 23 23 72 100

I am a German qualified corporate lawyer based in the Munich office of DLA Piper who studied law in Germany, France and the U.S. (San Diego, California). Prior to practicing law in Germany, I gained professional experience abroad while training with US law firms in Boston and working as a corporate lawyer at an international law firm in Luxembourg. My practice primarily focuses on M&A, private equity and venture capital transactions but I am also advising on general corporate matters. I spend a substantial part of my time on international transactions, be it by advising German investors on investments in targets abroad/German entities on their projects abroad, or by advising international companies on their German projects/on transactions involving international investors and German targets

Why startups?

  • It is always a thrilling experience to being involved in a company’s development from the very beginning and through their whole life circle, while keeping one’s fingers crossed that everything works out and the company keeps performing well – no matter whether from the perspective of an investor or from the founders‘ perspective.

Favorite reads: I basically love all books written by John Grisham, apparently because they always deal with the legal world. If I had to pick one specific book out of these, I would probably go with The Firm (even though I am happy that DLA Piper is, at least to my experience so far, not that kind of law firm as "Bendini, Lambert & Locke" is).

Why a global firm?

  • Having studied and worked in Germany and abroad, workwise I enjoy most working on transactions on an international level with people involved from different countries/jurisdictions and with different cultural backgrounds. Being one of the largest law firms in the world with offices (almost) all around the globe, DLA Piper is the ideal platform to advise clients on such transactions.

My passions: Traveling, soccer and sports in general (skiing, cycling, badminton).

I root for: Borussia Dortmund (German soccer team), Adler Mannheim (German hockey team).