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Jonathan Luebbers

Associate, Silicon Valley

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I'm a small-town Pacific Northwest native, but have bounced around a lot during my adult life, including stints in Portland, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Long Beach, Tokyo and Boston. Prior to law, I worked in a variety of non-profit capacities, including mentoring at-risk youth, working as an analyst for an organization focused on helping North Korean refugees and telling people about my faith in Jesus as a full-time missionary. I now call the Bay Area home and corporate law my bailiwick.

Why startups? There's no more invigorating time in a company's life cycle than the early stages of growth. The energy and excitement that come when the waters are teaming with fresh ideas and the boats filled with eager fisherman simply can't be experienced in other areas of law. I'm also a teacher at heart with a no-funny-business approach and a gentle hand. Helping a green company become savvy or a venture firm add an exciting new prospect to its portfolio never fails to be enriching.

Favorite reads: If stranded on a desert island with one book, it would be the Bible, full stop. It's like blood for the veins. But I also thoroughly enjoy reading up on East Asian philosophy and a good dystopian novel. During a coffee break, I'll likely be found paging through the Wall Street Journal.

Why a global firm? We live in a global economy and clients have global needs. It benefits everyone when one firm with a trusted gateway contact can serve any potential need a company may have. Selfishly, I love learning, and a global reach helps prevent burnout on staid cookie-cutter deals.

My passions: God, family and friends. Basically everything is fun and better together, but when I steal time away for myself, I need to focus on something of personal and spiritual significance to keep my heart and mind fed. In my opinion, there's nothing more challenging or enticing than to aim yourself towards understanding the cosmically unknown.

What my clients value: A job well done as painlessly as possible. If you're not getting approximately the deal terms you want while feeling comfortable getting there, something is wrong.

I root for: The underdog (or my wife's team).