Trent Dykes

Cathryn Le Regulski

Partner, Northern Virginia

cathryn.leregulski@dlapiper.comT +1 703 773 4038F +1 703 773 5030

I am an employment attorney who represents both public and private companies. My clients are emerging growth companies, venture capital investors and their portfolios and public companies. I counsel companies on employment law compliance issues and routinely work with early stage companies and individual entrepreneurs to develop employment practices that take into account their limited resources, cash flow needs and growth practices. As part of my counseling practice, I assist employers with drafting employment agreements, personnel policies and agreements related to proprietary information, invention assignment and restrictive covenants. In addition to my counseling practice, I also provide counsel to companies on a full range of employment-related needs in connection with mergers and acquisitions (both buy-side and sell-side) and financings.

On a personal level, I currently live in the DC metropolitan area with my husband and two children, where I enjoy cycling, hiking and other outdoor fun. While I live on the East Coast, my practice is nationwide.

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