Trent Dykes

Technology and commercial transactions, including intellectual property licenses, are the lifeblood of most companies, whether big or small, for-profit or nonprofit, public or private. My goal in representing my clients is getting these deals done quickly and cost effectively and ensuring that the final transaction documents reflect my client's overall strategy and business model and address the material risks in each transaction. Having worked in accounting, finance, strategic planning and product management for 11 years prior to becoming a lawyer, I understand how important these goals are. For startups, achieving these objectives can be a bet the company concern, especially when raising money or considering an exit.

I have been doing technology, commercial and licensing deals for over 20 years, across sectors, business models and countries and for a variety of technologies. Back in the late '90s, it was all about the Internet and using this "new" technology to start and grow new businesses. Today we take the Internet for granted, and it is all about artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain, digital transformation, moving to the cloud, driverless cars and other unmanned vehicles, and of course the Internet of Things and data security − and even more it is about building companies around these technologies. Pretty cool stuff!

As a Global Co-Chair of our Commercial Contracts practice, I lead the team in looking for ways to use technology to provide information and legal services to our clients around the world. For example, our complimentary Global Contract Laws is a dedicated online guide giving users the ability to search and compare the laws governing commercial contracts across more than 50 countries, covering a broad range of topics, such as warranties and liability.

My passions are my family, watching my teenage kids play sports (football, lacrosse, soccer and volleyball) and playing beach volleyball and golf and doing triathlons.

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