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Victoria Lee

Partner, Silicon Valley

victoria.lee@dlapiper.comT +1 650 833 2091F +1 650 687 1180

I work with technology companies, big and small. My larger clients include publicly held global technology companies, many of whom are Silicon Valley icons. My "smaller" clients ranage from those just starting off with an idea to those that have gone through several rounds of venture financing. The companies cover a broad range of industries, but they are largely tech companies in one way or another. My practice focuses on commercial and technology licensing. I've been practicing in this area for more than 20 years and in that time, I've seen technology evolve, entrepreneurs innovate, and I get to practice in an area that is constantly challenging legal boundaries with innovation. That's what gets me up in the morning! I'm now the Global Co-Chair of our Technology Sector, which gives me a chance to work more closely with colleagues around the world who are also into technology.

Why startups? What could be cooler than working with people who have taken a leap of faith to start their own company; I get to work with them as they develop and innovate and grow their company!

Garage to global: Innovation has allowed emerging growth companies to grow much faster with less capital investment and so, these days, even startups are going global sooner in their lifecycle. We see this with all our clients, and that's why I partnered with colleagues from the corporate, tax, equity comp and employment groups to develop our Guide to Going Global series, a multi-volume set of materials that we make available to clients to highlight issues they may encounter as they look to take their businesses global.

Passions: My family is my hobby; I have a school-age son and daughter and they keep my husband and me on our toes! We love to go skiing (when there's snow…) and we enjoy hiking, playing tennis and swimming whenever we can.

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