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Ute Krudewagen

Partner, Silicon Valley

ute.krudewagen@dlapiper.comT +1 650 833 2245F +1 650 687 1245

I am a global employment law attorney helping companies with their employment needs across the globe. My favorite clients are those expanding into new jurisdictions. Whether it involves hiring the first sales person in the UK, a team of engineers in Russia, or a contractor in Brazil, I love helping my clients understand country-specific employment law challenges, while maintaining global company culture and values. I have also worked on multiple M&A transactions; drafting and negotiating the employment provisions of the transaction agreements, engaging in due diligence, transferring employees, negotiating with unions and works councils are just some of my tasks in that area.

I live with my family in the Bay Area, but grew up and studied law in Cologne, Germany. I love baking elaborate cakes (and eating them), most importantly for a wonderful charity called Cake4Kids, which makes birthday cakes for at-risk children and youth.

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