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Julia Kovacs

Partner, Washington DC

julia.kovacs@dlapiper.comT +1 202 799 4244F +1 202 799 5244

I am a compensation and benefits attorney helping companies at every stage to design and implement equity compensation plans that incentivize their employees to grow their company and its value.

I also help companies with other types of compensation plans, like management carveout plans and other cash-based bonus or deferred compensation arrangements, as well as design, implementation and compliance matters relating to employee benefit programs like 401(k) plans and health and welfare benefits.

The most exciting part of what I do is M&A – almost every transaction will involve equity compensation, employees and benefits transition. It's awesome to see the return on investment in ingenuity and entrepreneurialism.

I am the daughter of Hungarian refugees who settled in America after the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. I grew up in Ellicott City, Maryland, went to college in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins University, and law school in DC, at George Washington University Law School. I was a tax consultant at KPMG before I joined the firm in 2000.

In my spare time, I enjoy drawing digital portraits on my iPad and spending time outside, mainly exploring the woods.