Trent Dykes

Daniel Kornberg

Solicitor, Melbourne

daniel.kornberg@dlapiper.comT +61 3 9274 5023

At some point in my life, I strangely developed an affinity for tax. Luckily, this passion is one that could readily become a career.

I have been a tax solicitor in the Melbourne office for almost four years now. During this time, I have worked across a wide variety of tax matters and advised a diverse range of listed and unlisted companies at various stages of their life cycle. This includes advising on the tax implications relating to investment rounds, M&A activities and restructuring.

One particular niche I have developed is advising early-stage companies on the array of tax concessions that are available to them in Australia. This includes assisting with choosing and implementing an appropriate employee incentive plan, obtaining the early-stage innovation company tax incentives for investors, advising on flips to the US, advising on the R&D incentive regime and setting up and navigating the various compliance issues for Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnerships.

Outside of my interest in tax, I have a keen and almost obsessive interest in sport. My true passion is Australian Rules Football, but I can talk American football and basketball (both college and pro) with the fluency of an actual American. Can't wait to get back to the southern US for my next tailgate!

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