Trent Dykes

I am a lawyer who has more than 20 years advising clients on innovative ways of addressing risk and taking advantage of opportunities arising from the rapid evolution of technological advancement, in particular in connection with digitization, IP commercialization and data. 

Over the last five years, my focus has expanded to include a deep interest in the issue of cybersecurity and cyber-resilience, whether in connection with technology use or licensing or as an adjunct to acquisition activities. As the global threat environment continues to evolve, the challenges arising from an interconnected world become increasingly complex.

As a New Zealander, I have a longstanding love/hate relationship with the All Blacks rugby union team (love it when they win, hate it when they lose). As an Australian citizen as well, I have developed an enthusiasm for Australian Rules Football − I thought I was passionate about the All Blacks until I went to a Hawthorn game with a colleague; as a result, the mighty Hawks are my team. While sport continues to figure highly in my spare time, it is very much as a spectator and taxi driver for the various weekend sports which my twins, a daughter and son, play. I realize that the older I get, the better I was!

I also really enjoy cooking, although my wife would rightly say that my approach to lamb tagine is akin to a military operation (and takes almost as long…).