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Ekaterina Golodinkina

Associate, Moscow

ekaterina.golodinkina@dlapiper.comT +7 495 221 44 25F +7 495 221 44 01

I am an Intellectual Property and Technology group associate at DLA Piper in Moscow, Russia.

As the name of the group suggests, we perform a wide range of services in the sphere of intellectual property and technology, but also in relation to data protection, advertisement, pharma, etc. It is never boring as each day we receive new challenging tasks and problems to solve for our clients in the most effective, commercial and user-friendly manner possible. I mainly focus on trademarks, license and franchise agreements, data protection, but in addition to that I have a great deal of experience in secondments. This means that I have helped clients by working as their internal general counsel or internal lawyer for some of their departments, such as marketing and commercial departments. This really helped me to understand how business works from the inside and to apply this knowledge when giving advice to our clients.

I have been with DLA Piper for more than ten years, and have just returned from maternity leave and am ready to continue!

Outside of work I love to spend time with my family and friends, and to read, bake and take photos. I am also into all kinds of crafts, such as knitting and embroidery. Last summer I also tried flying trapeze, which was very exciting so I am looking forward to next summer to try it again and to learn some new tricks.