Trent Dykes

I am an IP lawyer from Germany. I enjoy helping clients protecting their valuable intellectual work to be in a position to effectively use their IP and gain the competitive advantage they had hoped for, but while being conscious that overly complicated or burdensome process, filings and other administrative tasks are often not compatible with the business. Enforcing registered and unregistered IP rights in and out of courts is therefore as much my field of expertise as effectively commercializing and getting IP rights protected in the first place.

I specialize in trademark and know-how protection, but am very experienced in all areas of IP law (except maybe for patent litigation, which tends to be kind of special…). In addition, I focus on IP related aspects in M&A transactions, finance situations, joints ventures, R&D and other forms of cooperation, including on how to collect IP rights from employees, freelancers and other contributors. Amongst my clients are world-leading technology companies just as start-ups, and the wide range of clients is what makes my job most fun. 

In my downtime, I enjoy spending time with my kids, sport (especially running or basketball), or just a good read on my terrace.

Why startups?

  • Because they are dynamic, challenging, innovative and fast-moving – the kind of environment an IP lawyer should enjoy

Favorite reads: The best book I read (ok, listened to) recently was Douglas Preston's The Lost City of the Monkey God, the report of a real expedition to find a lost city in the jungle of Honduras. If you ever pictured yourself as James Cook, Alexander Humboldt or Indiana Jones, this is a must read…

Why a global firm?

  • I have met so many nice people at DLA from all around the world, got to travel to different contintents to work and could experience the different culture in different countries. Why would anybody not want to work in such an environement?

I root for: The New England Patriots.