Trent Dykes

Brandee Diamond

Partner, Silicon Valley

brandee.diamond@dlapiper.comT +1 650 833 2081F +1 650 687 1181

I am an M&A attorney who represents strategic and private equity buyers, public and private company sellers and stockholders in both friendly and hostile transactions. I advise clients in all aspects of the deal process, including working with corporate boards and senior management on pre-acquisition planning, transaction structuring, drafting and negotiating acquisition and related agreements, and post-acquisition integration planning.

I was born and raised in Michigan and moved to San Diego when scraping the ice off my windshield lost its luster. After spending a few years as a tax analyst, I entertained the possibility of becoming a tax lawyer. So I packed up my family and went to UC Davis law school. After my first M&A deal, though, I was hooked. I enjoy helping clients navigate the complex process of getting a deal done and the creativity required to solve issues along the way. When I’m not working to pay for my three kids' college expenses, you will find me hiking, at concerts or sometimes trying to pretend that I can play guitar.

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