Trent Dykes

Stephen Ballas

Partner, Los Angeles

stephen.ballas@dlapiper.comT +1 310 595 3155F +1 310 595 3365

I counsel both large and small companies (public and private) and investment funds in their M&A and investment activity, corporate governance and compliance. I believe in simplicity of presentation even when the issues are complex, and I believe that the details are ultimately what matter. I always work hard to be reasonable and practicable.

I grew up in Dallas; lived in New York City for eight years, where I started my legal career; lived in Houston; and have now lived in Los Angeles since 2011. I've held senior legal and general-counsel positions at large Fortune 500 public companies, smaller Russell 2000 public companies and private-equity and hedge-fund managers. This helps me identify and problem-solve issues from all sides of the M&A, investment and corporate equation.

When not lawyering, I love watching movies – even the bad ones – except period pieces, which I actively dislike. (I have no explanation for this dislike.) I love Tex-Mex, even for three meals a day. (I grew up in Dallas, after all.) And I love adventure-oriented trips. (I don't like beaches. I get too bored.)