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Peter Astiz

Partner, Silicon Valley

peter.aztiz@dlapiper.comT +1 650 833 2036F +1 650 687 1159

I am a corporate and securities lawyer who has had a front-row seat for the key developments in the technology sector over the past 35 years. I’ve represented some of the leading companies in the PC software wars, the emergence of the Internet as a technology infrastructure and the subsequent development of new Internet-based business models. I was in-house GC taking (the first company licensed to sell music on the Internet) public in 2000 and was subsequently appointed COO, serving through the ultimate sale of the company. I’ve also led many high-profile transactions, such as the IPO (the first SAAS IPO) and the Groupon IPO (the then second largest tech IPO). I have a passion for teaming with great entrepreneurs and using my experience to help them understand the natural evolution of technology companies and how and why things work the way they do, and helping them assess how and when to break the rules of customary practice.

I have a passion for sports and love to hike and garden and watch cooking shows in my down time.

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