In today's challenging startup environment, access to capital is everything. Companies often need help obtaining the right sources of finance and optimizing their potential for raising capital. DLA Piper knows this, which is why we offer Venture Pipeline as a service to our clients.

DLA Piper is a perennial industry leader in emerging growth and venture capital. We are the only law firm offering a dedicated group of professionals, known as Venture Pipeline, who come from Wall Street, venture capital and startups to provide market insight and a unique advisory perspective to entrepreneurs, investors and technology companies on fundraising, market dynamics, alternative financing options and business strategy. It doesn't matter if you are new to this process or have been through it many times, Venture Pipeline can help make the fundraising more efficient by identifying the right investors to approach upfront.






It's a relatively simple concept - but one that's unique to DLA Piper. Raising capital requires preparation and a well-conceived game plan. DLA Piper doesn't approach the task of fundraising merely from a legal viewpoint, but from the perspective of the funding sources. Working closely with the global investment community, we regularly see what types of deals attract funding. Using this knowledge, the Venture Pipeline team actively helps management teams prepare for the fundraising process. Our objective is to help our clients optimize their potential for raising funds. When ready, using directed resources both within the firm and externally in the community, the group helps our early-stage technology clients target and raise smart capital.

What does that mean for the entrepreneur? It means you don't just get one lawyer's contacts or just one lawyer's fundraising experience. You have access to the collective knowledge and contacts of DLA Piper's lawyers in offices throughout the world, which equates to thousands of investors. It means that the Venture Pipeline connects you to the right advisors, the right market influencers, and the right funding sources. Quite simply, it means your potential for successfully raising capital is greatly enhanced.


Being an entrepreneur is not easy, we get that. You have product to build, partnerships to secure, and teams to hire. Capital raising is time consuming and requires focus. There is nothing more satisfying for us than helping our clients secure capital to grow their business. We work hard so that we can see our clients efforts turn into mainstream successes.

Download these resources to assist in your startup process:

Pitchdeck handbook

Executive summary template / form

Sample cover email for investors


Yeah, we get it. We’re a law firm.

Actually, we’re the leading global business law firm and we also work with thousands of startup and emerging growth companies. Our mentality is Garage 2 Global, and our Venture Pipeline is your partner in helping your partners and your portfolio navigate the global Sand Hill road (or Silicon Valley).

Part of our job is to make your life just a bit easier by keeping abreast of your investment criteria and scrubbing deal flow to make sure it falls within your strike zone. We apply various filters and risk assessment just as you would for companies entering our program. We don’t want to bog you down, we just want to be a leading source of quality opportunities so we can all grow together.