With the help of our friends at Proseeder, we have collected data points on venture capital financings and M&A transactions from Q1 2016 to Q4 2018. The raw data was provided by Crunchbase but we have compiled the data in a way that will allow you to filter it based on the relevant time period, volume of transactions, transaction type, and in some cases industry vertical. Over time, we plan on providing you with even more ways to understand the market and spot evolving trends.

Financing deals announced by quarter

This page displays three charts. The first shows the number of financings announced by quarter. The second shows the median post-money valuation of these rounds by fiscal quarter. The third shows the median amount raised by fiscal quarter. All are from Q1 2016 to Q4 2018. Graphs can be filtered by the relevant type of investment (eg, Seed, Series A, etc.).

Rounds by number of companies, by country and by investment type

This chart displays rounds by number of companies, median valuation and median round raise from Q1 2016 to Q4 2018 by country and by type of investment. Countries in blue shading have greater density of funding rounds and brown shading indicates less density. The map can be filtered so that only certain types of investment are displayed (eg, Seed, Series A, etc.).

US rounds by number of companies, by state and by investment type

This chart displays a US map reflecting the number of financing rounds per state, average and median raise and valuation amounts. Blue shading is indicative of greater density of financing rounds and brown shading is indicative of less density. This chart can be filtered by the type of financing round and state code.

Global M&A

We show global M&A deals with two charts. The first shows the number of closed transactions. The second shows M&A dollars deployed. Both charts contain dropdown menus to show data by country of acquiree and country by acquiror.

Average acquisition price

This chart displays two US maps where you can see the average, median and total acquisition spend based on the state of either the acquirer or the target. Just hover over a state to see the data for that state. You can also generate a graph filtered on the number of transactions and the fiscal quarter in which the transaction closed.