The company

Mighty Capital is a Silicon Valley venture capital firm that invests in companies building "products that count." The products we invest in transform lives and create value at scale.

Mighty Capital invests in founders who have demonstrated product/market fit to allow them to retain more ownership and control while they decide between further rounds of funding and near-term exit. The team also co-invests with other Silicon Valley venture firms, but doesn’t require anyone else to validate its investment thesis. Its investment criterias follow: (1) Demonstrated evidence of product/market fit; (2) Amazing CEO and Bay-Area-based leadership; (3) Not the first money in – previous seed funding or early revenue.

The solution

Mighty Capital is committed to being the best investor partner you will ever have. It provides one-on-one coaching to any entrepreneur invited to the partner meeting. Mighty Capital also helps founders hire, promote, and more through its community of product managers, leaders, and founders. Mighty Capital doesn't typically lead rounds, but when it makes sense, it invests across the lifecycle of its portfolio companies, not just in the initial round. Check size ranges from a few hundred thousand dollars to a few millions.

How we work with DLA Piper

DLA Piper is our fund formation counsel. Louis, Mel and the team did a fantastic job, were extremely knowledgeable and responsive to our questions. And, they worked with our small budget.

They also have made their offices available to us for our partner meetings. Kevin, Angie and the staff is always friendly and welcoming. My partners and I really appreciate their hospitality.

I'd work with the team at DLA Piper again anytime and strongly recommend them!