The company

Cloud Lending Solutions is an end-to-end cloud-based software platform for loans and leasing headquartered in San Mateo, California.

The solution

Cloud Lending Solutions' product suite allows companies to configure their loan and lease practice using a configurable methodology, adapting product and lending workflows to customer requirements and complementing existing legacy systems. Cloud Lending Solutions' customers can create a transformative omni-channel borrower experience that best fits the borrower's needs, while simultaneously providing the customers with transparency and visibility into all areas of the borrower's loan life cycle. It is built for rapid deployments using Salesforce's architecture. Clients can be up and running in as little as eight weeks.

Cloud Lending Solutions serves three unique industries:

  • Alternative finance companies (ie, non-traditional lenders)
  • Banks (commercial, community and credit unions) and
  • Lessors (those that are in the business of doing leasing).

Companies that work with CLS are looking to transform their business into a profitable, simple and digital workplace that streamlines the entire lending process and creates a single system of record for lending operations. CLS is built on the Salesforce platform. Financial institutions are running all, or part, of their lending operations including origination, underwriting, servicing and collections on this single platform. This benefit enables financial institutions to accelerate their product growth and product creation and increase operational and compliance efficiencies.

The Cloud Lending product suite is:

  • CL Originate™, an underwriting platform for high-growth financial services. Cost-effective and agile, it manages loans, lines of credit and other financing arrangements, converting applications into contracts for servicing.
  • CL Loan™, an end-to-end lending application that enables lenders to manage loans, lines of credit and other financing arrangements under one robust and secure platform. It manages portfolios, drives transaction volume and reduces time to market for new product development.
  • CL Collections™, an advanced collections solution that enables lenders to define and automate their collection processes, streamline customer interaction across channels and reduce technical, operational and servicing costs.
  • CL Lease™, which enables lessors to efficiently manage equipment lease throughout the life cycle of equipment and manage assets, contracts and customers seamlessly. It can be integrated with an existing origination platform or with the CL Originate platform.
  • CL Marketplace™, to manage entire loan cycles from origination, loan grading and marketplace funding to fractional investing and payments. It automates investments across multiple borrowers on loan grade exposure limits.
  • CL Portal™, a borrower portal designed for lenders to customize and transform the borrower user interface, streamline borrower and lender activities and provide an omni-channel experience

How they work with DLA Piper

After the formation and venture capital fundraising stage, Cloud Lending Solutions engaged with DLA Piper to assist in taking their business to the global stage. From Australia to Norway, from the UK to the Netherlands and beyond, Cloud Lending engages with DLA Piper lawyers to set up business in new countries, to negotiate commercial agreements and bring in new customers, to assist in complying with local laws and norms, to nurture its workforce and to assist with identifying and onboarding new investors.